May 18, 2023

Seibert Wedding | Blue Skies and a gorgeous bride!


Seibert Wedding

Gorgeous inside and out

I become emotionally invested in my clients. Once they book me, we begin this long journey of getting ready for the big day. I have my to-do list on my end to prep for the big day, and the bride and groom have LOTS to do to get ready for the big day. And several times along that path we connect and align and share anticipation for how we each will experience the. big. day. I think this is one of those things about being a wedding photographer that I really didn't anticipate. How you make a friend in the process of connecting and serving a client. I don't just take photos, I become so interested in who you are as a person that I just rejoice with you on your wedding day and feel just so very blessed to do my part! Jeri Lynn just has become a friend through all of this and I am happy to share this experience with her and Drew and get to provide them with images that just brought me to tears.

Jeri Lynn not only has one main man in her life...she has two. Drew's son, Holden, is a HUGE part of Jeri Lynn's life and Jeri Lynn made sure to show him personally how committed she was to him as well as his dad. The little intimate moments they shared throughout the day just swelled my heart. Jeri Lynn also gave Drew a heartfelt gift and letter to show her love and commitment to him and I was impressed (it was a gift using one of the engagement photos I took of them!) You'll see it below!

Although the day was incredibly windy and a little bit chilly, it was beautiful. Jeri Lynn's vision for wisteria everywhere just truly came through with all of Becca's hard work, and I tried to document so much of it! It was just such a beautiful day with beautiful people! Please scroll on to see a glimpse of some of my favorite photos throughout the day!