September 4, 2021

Brittany + Reed | Wedding


Getting ready + First Looks

This wedding was a long time coming. I am just SO incredibly excited to have been a part of their journey. Brittany and Reed initially got engaged back in 2019, and their story included a page break, when their original wedding date later that year was cancelled for personal reasons. Then the pandemic happened and "all that" and their plans were postponed. Finally in 2021 they did it! The knot was tied, and I was blessed to be asked to come along for the ride! So here we have it! Brittany and Reed's low key wedding day! Enjoy these highlights from their day, and if you'd like to take a gander at their engagement session I blogged, click here!

This wedding was so simple, yet so magical. They originally were going to be married at Wayne Fitzgerald State Park, but it rained that day, so they quickly set up at Whittington Church as their Plan B. Even with their plans having to be altered, they were simply the most chill couple I've ever met.

Brittany's gown is technically not a wedding dress, but a slender dress with a wonderful skirt she wore over it. It worked out perfectly as after the wedding she slipped the skirt off and had an amazing evening/reception gown to wear.

The first looks happened in the hallway, which wasn't the most ideal location, but due to the rain we were very limited on where we could go. I can not get over the emotion in dad's eyes when he saw his beautiful daughter. It's one of my favorite sets out of the day! When Reed saw his beautiful bride he was just stunned and speechless!


This wedding was unlike any other I've ever been to. It was pretty normal up to the very end, where, instead of lining up and greeting guest, it was just a giant bubble hug session. It felt very celebratory, and I LOVED it! There was so much joy in this room!

Couple Portraits

Peaches, their little puppy, was a very important part of their lives, and so Brittany's sister brought her out for their couples portraits at Wayne Fitzgerald State Park, close to where their original wedding location was going to be. We had a break in the weather and wanted to take advantage of it! These photos turned out so good. Some family members came and met Reed there for a quick hello before heading off to the Reception location.

Seasoning Bistro

Just as I was surprised by the celebratory atmosphere at the end of the ceremony, the reception also blew expectations out of the water. Reed and Brittany didn't want a traditional reception. Rather, they wanted to enjoy the company of their close friends and family and invited them to dinner at Seasoning Bistro in downtown Benton, Illinois. They nixed the dances, the garter toss, the bouquet toss, and all sat down around the long table and ate an amazing meal. Brittany's own sister made the cake, and I'm thinking she has a future in cake making, because it was absolutely gorgeous!