November 16, 2022

Christy & Brendan | Fall Engagement Session


"I can't help falling in love with you"

The sound of Elvis' words ring in my ear as I consider this sweet couple. Christy and Brendan are awesome to work with and I am thrilled to share these newest engagement photos with you! You might recognize them from their spring engagement session I did for them earlier this year. We added on a fall mini session to get them some seasonal variety for their engagement photos, and I'm so glad we did! I think the photos turned out amazing.

Here's the thing...a giant wind storm blew in the weekend prior to their shoot, and with temperatures dropping, so were the leaves. Our original location, with a gorgeous lake view, was so drab looking when I went and double checked the location the week prior to the session. I was so anxious the day of our session as I went out there once more with my camera to see if I could make it work. But I just saw brown naked trees and the whole key was to have those yellow, red, and orange leaves reflecting off the water. So I got a hold of Christy, and let her know my thoughts, and my back up plan.

The back up plan is what you will see below, and I'll tell you what....this is fast becoming my favorite location around Benton!!!!

Right before the session the sun was hiding behind clouds and I thought the glow was gone for good that night, but right before they arrived for their session, it burst forth and gave us the most marvelous light!