May 18, 2022

Brendan + Christy | Engaged


Benton/Sesser, Illinois

I always love meeting new people, and Christy and Brendan are no exception! This engagement session highlighted their love for each other and I very much got the "chill" vibe from them. I love people like that. Easy going, up for adventure, and clearly so in love.

After finding out our original photo location was going to be out due to a wedding taking place, I decided taking advantage of the beautiful flower garden at Benton Park in Benton, Illinois would provide a great alternative. It did not disappoint! It was gorgeous! They arrived there absolutely gorgeous as well, and it definitely ranks as one of my favorite locations.

Rend Lake near Sesser, Illinois

I am so very fortunate to live so near such a beautiful lake. There are so many locations around the lake that make great session locations, and this next place we went to was one I hadn't discovered before. Leading up to the session, Christy had mentioned this boat dock and I was totally game with taking photos there, even having never seen it beforehand. The direction of the sun was perfect as it lent itself to beautifully backlit portraits. With a more casual outfit change, these next photos really were some of my favorite.