October 16, 2021

Logan | Downtown Benton Senior Session


Benton Illiois senior guy session

Logan is the son of one of my very good friends. You can see his prom session here where I took photos of him and Alyssa (who I also have done a senior session for as well). Logan is a quiet guy whose interests is Manga, reading all sorts books, his car, and being cool. Cool in a very quiet guy sort of way. He wasn't very into the pictures (said his mom before the session), but I knew he is a polite and cool kid, and I could make him shine. I'm also kinda digging his hair, and knew that others would to, so I was very much excited for this session. He went for a casual laidback vintage vibe where we just hung around Downtown Benton and got to incorporate his awesome car in some shots.

Do you want to be cool?

Then let's chat. I'm kidding. You don't HAVE to hit me up to be cool, because you're already cool. So let me show the world how cool you already are!