May 7, 2022

Emma & Jaden | Prom Mini Session

Mini Session

All dressed up to dance

This spring I wanted to try a new thing - offering Prom Mini Sessions in hopes that I could get my name out there more amongst High School Seniors and their parents. It was a good step in the right direction in pursuing my dream of being one of the premier senior photographers in our area. I love taking their pictures so much! You can see more Prom Mini Sessions here, when I did them for Benton's Prom.

A parent of one of Benton's Prom Mini Session is very good friends with a parent of a West Frankfort kid, and she private messaged me asking if I would be doing Prom Mini sessions for any of the other schools. I told her I hadn't considered it, but would check my availability and let her know if I could do one for West Frankfort. As it turned out, May 7 worked out quite nice, and I let her know right away. She booked, and on session day, these two stunning kids showed up!

Emma and Jaden have been an "item" for a while and they are just SO DARN CUTE! They've been to many dances together, and are so cute and stylish. They really shone in this little wooded area of West Frankfort Park. Mom LOVED the images, and so do I.